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7 winter hair care tips to keep your hair Healthy and dandruff free

7 winter hair care tips to keep your hair Healthy and dandruff free - The winter season has a certain charm and romance about it. The winter chills are well known for making us want to stay in bed and declaring the days 'lazy days.' It's difficult to stay active when you're wrapped up in your blanket. Is it really necessary?

It is! For a variety of reasons... One of the main reasons is that in extreme weather conditions, our skin and hair care goes out the window. When our skin gets dry, we tend to it, but when it comes to our hair, we only notice the damage after it has been done for a while. But don't be concerned... We've compiled a list of winter hair care tips and tactics to maintain your crowning beauty shiny and healthy even during the coldest months of the year.

Trimming your hair isn't going to hurt you

The changing of seasons brings with it a slew of new obstacles that we aren't aware of. Changing weather conditions have an impact on our hair as well. Our hair becomes harsh, dry, and brittle as a result of it. Before the season changes, it's a good idea to get your hair trimmed so that it feels fresh and breathes properly. This also makes the hair more open, allowing it to withstand changes in air moisture levels. This isn't to say that you won't be able to grow your hair long. You can utilise the winters to grow out your hair now that you've completed the summary short period, but start with a small trim, as little as an inch would suffice.

Restoring moisture by oiling

Our grandmothers were firm believers in the health benefits of a good old champi. In many ways, it is correct. The moisture level in the air diminishes, especially during the winter, resulting in extreme dryness. Our scalp's moisture is balanced with a hot oil massage. When the oil is infused with natural hair boosting substances, like our forefathers did, an oil massage will provide better benefits. It's tough to find all of these herbs and make oil with enhanced strength to restore and protect hair in our fast-paced lives. With the help of Keshmax Ayurvedic Hair Oil, you can still enjoy the benefits of your grandmother's hair oil. This oil not only decreases weariness and tiredness by lowering stress and anxiety, but it also encourages hair growth. The Ayurvedic hair oil for winter contains the goodness of Ayurveda's age-old secrets. It is also known to help with headaches and body aches. The oil offers the natural goodness that your hair requires throughout the harsh winter weather. It has a unique blend of 12 ayurvedic herbs that nourish the hair and encourage hair development like no other oil.

Keshmax Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Cover your tresses.

Winters have a certain ambiance that is known to lift our spirits. One of the causes is the regular beautiful hair days that the winter season bestows upon us. In the winter, we all enjoy showing off our unruly manes. But here's where we go wrong: the lack of moisture in the air makes our hair vulnerable to harm. Wearing hats and scarves outside is a smart idea. It's critical to keep your scalp covered to prevent it from drying out further. Otherwise, a dry scalp would result in a lot of flaking and dandruff.

Use a shampoo that is pH-balanced.

Are you one of those people who have discovered their favourite shampoo and have been using it all year? If you answered yes, this is another factor that can harm your hair. Each season has its own characteristics, so we must select a shampoo that complements them. It is especially crucial in the winter to use shampoos that help balance the moisture in your hair rather than stripping it. If you prefer herbs over chemicals, the ayurvedic Anti Hairfall shampoo is a good option. The recipe contains over 21 botanicals and strengthens your strands. It guards against hair breakage. Your hair will be very clean and manageable. Unlike most shampoos, this one won't dry out your scalp. In the winter, the scalp tends to get greasier the second day after washing your hair, but Keshmax gives the necessary nutrients and protects your scalp from harm. This will also keep you from having to do several washes, which can damage your hair even more.

After that, use a conditioner.

Many of us consider the use of conditioners to be superfluous. We have the solution to the age-old question of whether or not a hair conditioner is necessary. Yes, it is! If you make the proper decision. To respond to your query, "it never existed with our forefathers, yet they still had healthy hair," Although conditioners in the proper sense exist now, natural promote hair growth products such as curd and lemon were once widely utilised as conditioners. As a result, conditioning has been around for a long time. Because cooking ingredients are no longer as faithful to their qualities as they once were, choosing a suitable conditioner to help restore moisture in hair and keep the strands manageable is critical. It's an Ayurvedic conditioner with natural herbs to help you grow your hair faster.

Keep the water temperature in check

In the winter, who wants to take a chilly shower bath? Yes, we're clenching our teeth as we listen to this. In the winter, it is common to take showers with hot water. It's also a good idea because cold showers can make you catch a cold. But we're not warned to stay away from water with extreme temperature swings. Showers should be taken with warm water rather than hot water. Using high-temperature water on your hair will cause it to wither and lose any remaining moisture. It will harm your hair and possibly lead to split ends. To avoid harm, one should always aim to keep the temperature of their water balanced.

Avoid over-styling or using too many products.

Hair sprays and tongs, which make your hair seem stylish, are also the cause of it falling out. Heat styling tools tend to dry out your hair more than a drop in humidity caused by the weather. Now, if you use a combination of the two, there is no way to quantify the damage. In the winter, it's especially vital to avoid over styling and utilizing chemically treated style products. It will simply exacerbate the situation.

Even if your hair looks great during the winter, it's crucial to recognize the importance of winter hair care. Include these tips in your hair care routine, and your hair will thank you. Happy Hair, Happy Winters!