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Jatamansi benefits for hair

Ayurvedic medicines (Hair Care Remedies) are considered a safe way to make hair healthy. One such Ayurvedic herb is Jatamansi or spikenard. It is a natural remedy for premature graying of hair. By using Jatamansi, the color of the hair becomes black Jatamansi benefits for hair. The properties and effects of this plant have been written in Ayurveda for black and thick hair.

Choose jatamansi for your hair if you wish to restore your hair's health and keep your natural hair colour with a safer, ayurvedic option. To learn more, continue reading.

Jatamansi benefits for hair

What is Jatamansi?

Ayurveda is a vital and ancient element of Indian culture. Jatamansi is an Ayurvedic perennial herb that grows in the Alpine Himalayan region. It is a member of the Valerian family in the Plantae kingdom. The plant thrives at elevations of 3000-4000 metres. The Jatamansi plant is also referred to as "tapaswini" in Ayurveda and "Indian Spikenard" in English.

The plant's roots and rhizomes are edible. The oils nardal, jatamansic acid and nardin are derived from the plant's rhizomes.

The IUCN list of medical plants classifies the jatamansi plant as a severely endangered species.

The benefits of jatamansi are numerous:

Hair growth cycle is accelerated:

The rhizome of the jatamansi plant is consumed as a bitter tonic that may aid in the acceleration of hair growth. It has been shown in a few trials to help increase hair growth in men with male pattern baldness and cancer patients who have completed their chemotherapy.

Prevents graying and diseases of the scalp:

Because it is a rich source of antioxidants and antifungal characteristics, applying the medicinal hair oil produced from the rhizome of the jatamansi plant helps graying of hair and regulates scalp infections.

Increases the size of hair follicles:

Jatamansi is good for hair growth since it helps to prolong the hair growth phase and increase the size of the hair follicle.

Hair growth is accelerated:

Natural antioxidants are abundant in jatamansi oil. This plant, either used alone or in combination with other strong ayurvedic medicines, promotes hair growth.

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