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Manjistha & Nagkesar benefits for hair care

Manjistha is a perennial herb that is used as Ayurvedic medicine. Popularly known as a blood purifying herb and also called Indian madder. It is used to cleanse and detoxify your blood, remove obstructions in blood flow and promote excellent blood circulation.

Nagkesar is an evergreen ornamental tree that is found in most Asian countries. Various parts of Nagkesar are used either alone or in combination with other medicinal herbs for their health benefits. It is a true Ayurvedic solution for hair fall, and hair thinning problems.

What is Manjistha?

Manjistha is a perennial herb that has been utilised in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Also known as Indian madder, this herb is used to purify the blood. It is used to cleanse and detoxify your blood, reduce blood flow obstructions, and improve blood circulation. Manjistha has antioxidant and astringent effects, according to legend. Manjistha is used in Ayurvedic medicine for Hair loss and thinning hair, balding, dandruff and scalp problems.

Manjistha benefits for hair care

What is Nagkesar?

Nagkesar is also known as Mesua Ferrea, is a beautiful evergreen tree and has been used in Ayurveda for centuries for its highly potent properties. This herb has astringent properties that help treat acne, hair loss.

Nagkesar benefits for hair care

Benefits of Manjistha & Nagkesar

Use Manjistha and Nagkesar powder in carrier oil and give yourself a lovely massage with it. This helps rejuvenate your skin and regenerate your hair follicles. The oil will help add shine to your hair and strengthen your roots. The antioxidant properties and antistress activity of this herb help prevent excessive hair loss and promote hair growth.

Ayurvedic brand in the market, keshmax Ayurvedic hair oil that has been helping men and women across the world get rid of their hair issues. The secret behind the success of keshmax is its unique blend of two Ayurvedic herbs, Manjistha and Nagkesar. This unique blend makes keshmax a powerhouse of goodness that not only helps improve hair health and regrowth but also promotes a healthy scalp, leaving your hair shiny and manageable.

The common causes of hair fall are: -

  • Imbalanced diet plan, wrong lifestyle, heredity i.e. hereditary, side effects of medicines etc. Let us know about more such reasons-
    Hair loss is a normal process after two or three months of prolonged illness or major surgery, severe infection or infection and physical stress.
  • It can also happen after a sudden change in hormone level, especially in women after giving birth to a baby.
  • Due to side effects of medicines.
  • Hair loss can also occur as a symptom of some disease such as thyroid, sex hormone imbalance or serious nutritional problem especially deficiency of protein, zinc, biotin. This deficiency occurs when there is a lot of bleeding in the menstrual cycle in women who abstain from food.
  • If the scalp gets infected with fungus, then there is hair fall in between.
  • Hereditary baldness or if someone in the lineage is bald, it can be inherited.

One of the primary causes of hair loss and baldness is genetics. When it comes to baldness, there is no escaping your genetics. However, genetics is not the only factor that influences hair loss. Your lifestyle and diet also play a major role in preventing hair loss.